Best Christmas Party Games Ideas

If you’re looking for great Christmas Party Games ideas, Boardgame Beast is the place to be! We’ve done the hard work for you, with a fantastic selection of fun, value-for-money party games, for family gatherings and adult get-togethers.

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Top 10 Christmas Party Games

This list of funny party games for Christmas is in no particular order. All of them will provide great entertainment during the holiday season, and beyond!

1: Christmas Box of Questions

If you don’t fancy printable Christmas trivia games, then this box is the ultimate resource for seasonal brain teasers. Packed with questions and answers, your entire family can be entertained.

2: A Christmas Story Monopoly

Good old Monopoly! There are Monopoly editions for every occasion, but surely none so appropriate as this one for the Christmas season. Perhaps the best ever Christmas movie becomes a version of the world’s most successful board game. A match made in Heaven? You bet your leg-shaped lamp it is!

3: Christmas Peanuts UNO

This simple card game has entertained families with younger children for generations. A nicely-themed UNO Peanuts edition, complete with doghouse-shaped box!

4: The Nightmare Before Christmas Jenga

Based on the smash hit movie by Tim Burton, this version of the Jenga stacking game is beautifully creepy! Anybody can play, young or old, and nobody tires of the big crash when the tower falls.

5: To Bethlehem Game

This board game, based on the OTHER Christmas story, sees you replaying Mary and Joseph’s journey to Bethlehem. A great choice of Christian Christmas game.

6: Christmas Bingo

For large groups who may have low energy after a long day’s celebrating, there’s no easier Christmas party game to introduce than Bingo. Order a Christmas Bingo game, and choose from a big variety, all hand-picked to offer value and quality.

7: What’s a DAME To Do?!

If you find an evening when there is a group of women together in need of entertainment, What’s a DAME To Do?! is unbeatable. It’s hilarious, often risque and always revealing. Highly recommended.

8: Cranium

While other party games have been better received in recent years, the Cranium game is still a great party games experience, as it can be played in teams with mixed age groups. Adults should fully expect to be upstaged by younger players!

9: Do Tell

Suitable for adult groups only, Do Tell board game sees you asking personal questions, or challenging friends and relatives to do silly things. It’s revealing and entertaining, but may offend more sensitive types.

10: Wits and Wagers

Answer a question yourself, or back a friend to know it for you. That’s Wits and Wagers. Another good choice of group family games that’s suitable for teen to adult players.

We’ve tried to find as many Christmas games for family gatherings, funny party games and Christmas party gift exchange games as possible.

But it’s a huge task. If your favorite holiday game editions aren’t here, then please send us your own board game reviews.

We’ll publish your ratings and opinions for others to benefit from and may even offer you a coveted position on our team of freelance writers!

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