Pack and Stack board game

by The Beast!

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Pack and Stack board game

You have to load up a moving van based on dice rolls. You lose points if you fail to pack items into the truck and for any empty cargo space inside!

The fun bit is, the things you’re packing are wooden shapes. If you were a Tetris freak in your youth, then the Pack and Stack board game will be right up your alley. Grab a truck card before anybody else gets your ideal vehicle and begin loading.

Throw five dice (!!) to see how many items you have to stack. This means some players will have a ton of items, while others have relatively few. Continues belowFortunately you are not asked to stack your items against a time limit, so if you’ve got five thumbs on each hand, don’t worry.

Pack and Stack board game is surprisingly fun, despite its simplicity. It’s a family friendly game that will appeal to most players who enjoy a good puzzle game. The components are well designed and built to last.

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