Board-Tastic Christmas Ornament Ideas!

Amazingly fun and collectible Christmas Ornament Ideas, based on CLUE, Monopoly and Candy Land. Make room for these fabulous board game-themed Christmas ornaments this holiday season!

Board game Christmas ornament ideas!

Board games collectors just love extra stuff to celebrate their hobby: turn it into a Christmas tradition by buying new board-game themed Christmas ornaments each holiday!

Of particular interest to Monopoly fans will be the Monopoly Vintage Christmas Village collection. This series will be released one per year and eventually turns into an entire miniature town centerpiece themed to the game. A stunning collectible Christmas product that all families will love!

These collectible board games Christmas ornaments are colorful and really pretty, adding a touch of magic that board games always add to any gathering. As well as being lovely additions to your tree trimming, they make great board game gifts for gamers, or stocking stuffers for collectors of Christmas ornaments.

Themed christmas ornaments of this quality are very hard to find. We think more board games should become Christmas decorations. The Meeples from Carcassonne would be great on a tree, a little Pop-o-Matic ornament from Trouble, beans from Bohnanza, or miniature Hungry Hungry Hippos!

Find more board game Christmas ornaments, or design your own, at CafePress!

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We’ve tried to find as many collectors’ Christmas ornaments and board game-themed Christmas ornaments as possible. But it’s a huge task. If your favorite Christmas ornaments aren’t here, then please send us your own reviews.

We’ll publish your ratings and opinions for others to benefit from and may even offer you a coveted position on our team of freelance writers!

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