Christmas Games: Christmas-opoly Monopoly Christmas

by Pamela Laurenne Laserna


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From the company that has been making specialty board games since the 80s comes this holiday- themed game that makes a great addition to your list of activities on Christmas night. Christmas-opoly is derived from the ever-famous Monopoly game. Everything from properties to pawns adopts the Christmas-theme.

The board is made of standard Monopoly quality, and so are the rest of the components. The silver finish on the pawns is nice. Money, while it features a playful, whimsical design that really adds to the Christmas feel, is still made of thin average quality paper.

The property deeds and community chest/chance cards are plastic-coated and well polished. Like any other Monopoly games, this one has many game pieces that need to be kept track of. The game also includes directions for traditional play and for a quick one hour version as well.

A Christmas Story Monopoly

A Christmas Storyopoly

The rules are very similar to standard monopoly, except that they are more straightforward hence, much easier to understand; As if the game is designed with new and younger players’ participation in mind.

In case you’re not familiar with the game play of Monopoly in which this one is based on, roll the die, move your token, and either pay rent or buy the property you arrive on are the basics. You have the chance to buy properties such as Sleigh Ride, Christmas Cookies, Mistletoe, Fruit Cake, and Lump of Coal.

You collect everything at the center of the board if you land on Santa Claus. The game plays very much like Monopoly albeit simpler, which makes the game more fun for all ages.

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The Verdict

When compared to the original, this is funnier and more enjoyable. It is filled with everything about Christmas which makes it the perfect game to play on get-togethers during the holiday season. However, you can never get away from the fact that this is a Monopoly game in every single way. Even if you love the Christmas theme but you don’t like Monopoly, then you’ll probably play it just once and forget about it.

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