A Charlie Brown Christmas UNO Card Game

by Pamela Laurenne Laserna


Click to buy Charlie Brown Christmas Uno from Amazon!Click to buy this item from Amazon!A Charlie Brown Christmas UNO Card Game

Celebrate your favorite classic with this Charlie Brown Christmas Edition of Uno. This variant comes in a plastic Snoopy doghouse and includes custom cards featuring the Peanuts gang getting in the Christmas spirit.

The card deck divided into different colors along with the wilds holds true to the Christmas theme of the game. The tin container which houses the cards is of very high quality and could be very collectible in years to come. Peanuts still has a huge following around the world, and games and other merchandise hold their value or appreciate. Continues below

This one plays exactly the same as the original Uno where a player tries to be the first to say “UNO” and go for the win when he/she is down to a single card. If another player catches him/her not saying “UNO”, he/she must draw three cards. The only thing that makes this variant different from traditional Uno is the Happy Holidays wild card which forces all other players to draw a card, but may discard it if it matches the color called.

The game plays fast and with simple its rules, it doesn’t take a lot of time to get into the game. The game can be played by 2-10 players but playing with two seems to take the fun out of the game. Without a third player, the draw, skip, and reverse sequences doesn’t work so well. There’s a little strategy in the game such as getting rid of the cards that count most against you but it still depends on the luck of the draw.

Overall this is a fun Christmas game for the whole family. It would also be a cute gift for kids and adults who love Uno and Peanuts. While this is a great card game for kids and the fans, it might not fit to the taste of more serious gamers looking for a game with huge amount of depth and innovative play.

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Click to buy Charlie Brown Christmas Uno from Amazon!
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