Jeopardy! Board Game

by Amanda Nettgen


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3-5 (but you can play with one or two if you’re careful)

Quick verdict

Jeopardy! the board game is a fun quest of quizzing that will have your family laughing and competing time and again.

The game and gameplay

If you’ve ever watched the TV show Jeopardy!, you know how fun it can be to test your knowledge along with the contestants. Pressman now offers the chance to be a contestant yourself with this home version of the Jeopardy TV show.

Click here to Put Your Foot Down: submit your OWN Footprint Rating and leave comments for this game!The concept plays out very similarly to the real-life show. After the game sheets containing the categories are loaded into the look-alike game display, a money value is selected and all players get the opportunity to try and answer the question for that particular category value (or to put it technically, say the question that results in the given answer, Jeopardy-style).

Click buzzers are employed, and your game’s host looks up the answers. Play money is either given to you or taken away based on your statements.

There are even Daily Doubles where you wager part of your money on a question for a significant loss or gain. In the end it is the player who has managed not to go negative and is on top money-wise who wins.

Pros and cons

You get a generous amount of material here: 35 double-sided games sheets with 1750 “answers”. There are fun categories like Just Desserts, Animal Rhyme Time and Grumpy Old Men. The Jeopardy board game is a fierce trivia competition that’s a lot of fun!

The buzzers are a problem. It’s hard to tell who rang in first with the click buzzers the game provides. Also, if you want to play with only two people or by yourself, you have to be careful not to look at other answers when looking things up in your questions booklet.

The verdict

The Jeopardy! the board game is a fun trivia game, but it might be hard to find fellow players who are willing to submit to the modifications that are necessary to successfully play a two-player game, for example.

Boardgame Beast gives the Jeopardy! board game three footprints out of five. Click here to leave comments and submit your OWN score for this game!
Click to search Amazon for Jeopardy! games
Click to search Amazon for Jeopardy! games

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