Puerto Rico board game

by Shelley Stuart

(Upstate NY, USA)

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Puerto Rico
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Rio Grande Games
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Quick Verdict

Highly engaging, the Puerto Rico board game offers multiple strategies for players to win. Easy to learn, Puerto Rico offers up to two hours of gaming enjoyment for novice and experienced gamer alike.

The game and gameplay

Players vie to develop Puerto Rico both agriculturally and physically, accumulating victory points through buildings, achievements and shipping.

Click here to Put Your Foot Down: submit your OWN Footprint Rating and leave comments for this game!As Governor, Settler, Trader, Prospector, Builder, Craftsman or Captain, players use each role to populate, create trade goods, make money, build buildings, or ship goods back to the Old World.

Players can win by accumulating the most victory points through trade, the number of buildings built, special achievement conditions, or a combination of all three. With multiple strategies available for victory, it’s never clear who’s winning or losing.

Each turn, the first player selects a role (Governor, Settler, Trader, Prospector, Builder, Craftsman or Captain). All players then complete the actions available to this role, with the first player receiving a bonus condition.

The next player then selects a role, and all players complete that action. This continues until all players have selected a role and completed the associated actions. Money is placed on the roles that remain on the board, making the wallflowers sweeter choices during the next turn. Play continues with first player rotating around the board.Each role allows players to do different actions such as create fields (corn, indigo, sugar coffee and tobacco), build buildings (which allow a huge number of options), bring workers to work in the buildings or fields, harvest fields, ship goods to the Old World, or simply make money.

A victory point game, players can earn victory points for each trade shipment made (one point per type of good shipped), the value of the buildings build (from one to four points) and bonus conditions certain buildings allow (a variety of points up to seven or more).

Winning totals usually range in the 30- to 40-point total (higher points with fewer players).

Pros and cons

I have nothing negative to say about the Puerto Rico board game. The game is balanced from start to finish. You may think you’re not doing well, yet end up winning if your strategy is better than others.

It plays equally well with four or five players (I haven’t tried it with three). The game offers an expansion (different buildings and a forest land type), but the original is so fluid and engaging that I’ve never bored of the basic set.

The Verdict

The Puerto Rico board game is excellent for all skill levels. It’s especially good to introduce to newer players who have dipped their toes into the gaming pond, but haven’t yet worked up to more complicated board games. The balance also means that no person will fall behind so badly that he or she has no hope of winning. Everyone has the chance to win, no matter what they may think!

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Feb 01, 2010


by: Anonymous


Sep 24, 2009

Simply perfect

by: The Beast!

Had the good fortune to play this with my friend Douglas Gloag during his recent visit from Japan. Puerto Rico is simply a magnificent board game, with no element of chance to blame when things go wrong!

Tons of complexity and fairly easy to pick up. Those of you looking for a first serious game, or for something more complex and rich than Settlers of Catan, Puerto Rico is well worth a look.

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