Scrabble Player wine charms

by Tom Warin

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How many times have you hosted a perfectly nice wine and games night, only to have it degenerate into ugly arguments about whose wineglass is whose?

I know I certainly have and my couch has the ground-in blood, brains and Pinot Noir to prove it. You’d think that with all of that fancy technology they show off on CSI that they’d have something to get the stains out once they’re doing collecting evidence, but no.

A slipcover is fine, but I know the stain is still there and the cat won’t stop pawing at it. I’ve tried to get rid of the couch, but nobody wants to buy it because of the horrific stain and the garbage men won’t take it because they are super-superstitious about putting crime scene stuff into their truck.

But I digress. A good way of making sure that your sophisticated gaming soiree doesn’t turn into MurderFest ’09 is to mark everybody’s wine glass with a separate wine charm.

You can get these Scrabble Player wine charms from those fiends at Amazon. You might also want to consider getting a whiteboard and writing down which charm goes with which guest to avoid any arguments about that.

The charms spell out “PLAYER”, which is much nicer than “MURDER”.

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