Basic Fun Mini Carabiner Scrabble

by The Beast!

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Basic Fun Mini Carabiner Scrabble

Some people don’t understand. Take this comment on Amazon about this incredible edition of the Scrabble game:

“This Scrabble is not only small, it is minuscule. Microscopic, even. The magnetic tiles are so tiny that if you breathe in through your nose, I wouldn’t be surprised if they got sucked up there. And the words on the board are so small that you need a microscope to be able to see them. Do not purchase this game if you want to be able to a) see it; b) pick up the tiles; and c) preserve your eyesight.”

Well, DUH! Nobody really thinks they are going to PLAY a mini game of Scrabble, do they? That’s what Travel Scrabble is for. This is really just a collector’s item, something to say you have if you’re a rabid board game hoarder.

It clips to your belt and most kids between the ages of nine and 14 would love this item as a stocking stuffer or loot bag gift.

“Please note that this is to be considered a novelty item. Although gameplay can still occur, due to the size of the board, there is not a complete set of letters as one would find with the full size version of the game.” That’s pretty much WHY you couldn’t play it, sourpuss.

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