Scrabble Page-a-Day desk calendar

by Caitlin T.

(Virginia, USA)

Click to order the Scrabble Page-A-Day desk calendar. Improve your word power every morning and beat Grandma every night!Click to buy this item from Amazon!Scrabble Page-A-Day desk calendar

Sometimes, you just need a little Scrabble game stimulation in your life. This Page-a-Day calendar is sure to do it for you.

Did you need to flex your mind today? Get this calendar and practice! Next week when you go to your weekly Scrabble-fest, you can knock their socks off! Did you know what words you can and can’t use? I bet not. Get to studying if you plan to beat the pants off of Grandma and her cronies next week! Don’t let them win again!

This calendar can help you learn the best three letter words to use, the high point tiles… and so much more.

Next time when you have only a few letters left, you just might be able to make a word that can help you win.

Who knew that you could take the word BIRSE and make three different words from that? You would, if you bought this fantastic calendar. No, I am not going to tell you what those three words are, you’ll just have to pick up the calendar and find out what they are, won’t you?

Have I piqued your curiosity yet? Are your Scrabble senses tingling? Are you itching to pull out your Scrabble board and make new words? If so, I’ve done my job! Happy Scrabble-ing!

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