Inflatable Scrabble

by The Beast!

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Inflatable Scrabble

No, you’re not going crazy: somebody actually made a version of the original Scrabble game that’s got as much in common with a blow-up doll as it does with the paper and board stock version of the game!

While you might wonder WHY anybody would create such an unlikely item, think about your last holiday. Would you have taken your Scrabble set to the beach? Or played it in the pool?

Now you can! You can also play it in the bath, if you have one of those houses with a pool in place of a tub. Co-Ed Hot Tub Scrabble, anybody? Now THAT’S a TV sport I could get into!

This is probably only a serious consideration for real Scrabble collectors, or people who spill a LOT of drinks during gameplay.

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