Star Wars Clash of the Lightsabers card game

by The Beast!

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You may think most Star Wars board games and card games suck — so do we. But once in a while, a good one comes along. Don’t overlook Clash because it’s a Star Wars Episode I game — despite bearing the millstone of one of the greatest movie disappointments, ever, around its neck, this is a pretty good game.

Cards are used to represent battle, with various values which score attack or defence. Using special cards can harm your enemy or help your position. The highest total in each battle wins the round; there are three battles per turn. After each turn, you refresh your hand to seven cards total. Continues belowIf you’re a mad collector of Star Wars memorabilia, then this is an essential purchase just to get the pewter minis. They’re nicely made. Meanwhile, if you want to play this game rather than just own a sealed box, you’ll find Star Wars Clash of the Lightsabers card game is fun, plays fast and loose and will keep you coming back. That’s more than you can say for Episode I itself.

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