That So Raven Disney game

by Caitlin T.

(Virginia, USA)

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That’s So Raven Disney game: Girl Talk
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Milton Bradley
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Quick verdict

That So Raven Disney game: Girl Talk is a great game that is formatted for use by younger girls who are into Raven and her show, That’s So Raven. This is a lot of good fun, although it is a little on the long side, so younger girls may tire of it.

The game and gameplay

The point of this game is to draw a card and to ask Raven a question. Then you must try to guess what she will answer.

Click here to Put Your Foot Down: submit your OWN Footprint Rating and leave comments for this game!You and your teammates vote on an answer, either a YES or a NO, and if your guess is correct, you win a gem. You place this on the board in your corresponding color, and if you get five gems, you win the game and Raven will tell your fortune.

There are a lot of different Question cards and Fortune disks; there’s enough variety for the game to be played repeatedly.I think younger girls will be fascinated by this game, because it gives you a little bit of a “psychic” feel. Your friends will definitely think you are cool if you can guess the answer. It is a fantastic game for a sleepover or a birthday party.

Pros and cons

Although great for girls of a certain age, I can’t really see boys being into the game, or in fact older teens.

It is quite simple, so adults can basically leave kids to play by themselves.

The verdict

That So Raven Disney game: Girl Talk is an excellent game; Raven is a great role model for girls in the “tween” and pre-teen age. Get a group of girls together, with some snacks handy, and even provide some fun ‘psychic’ dress up clothes. Provide some decorated head bands, beaded necklaces, a little makeup, and be prepared for a fun time!

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