R2-D2 Is In Trouble game

by The Beast!

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From the simple, yet competitive gameplay to the tactile Pop-o-Matic dome containing the dice, the Trouble board game is a classic that most adults with kids remember with fondness from their youths and usually end up buying a copy for them.

It seems only fitting, then, that the Star Wars franchise should roll into town, but even my jaded palate found the taste pretty good. They used their imagination with this spin-off. Continues belowAs well as the super-funny pun of the name, there’s R2-D2 electronic sounds when you press the popper, some nice artwork, a bit of an unlikely storyline, and that’s about it. Still, to me at least, the R2-D2 Is In Trouble game is a pretty good result when you look at some of the massacres which are made in the name of licensed board game editions out there.

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