Yoda bronze statue

by The Beast!

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Click to buy Yoda bronze statue from Amazon!Click to buy this item from Amazon!Yoda bronze statue

Once in a while, we find something so totally pointless while trawling for board games to write about that we HAVE to feature it. See: Star Trek bridge Captain’s chair; also Star Trek Tribble plush toy; and The Simpsons bowling tin toy.

None of them can hold a candle to this Yoda bronze statue.

Limited to just 80 units worldwide, this is apparently an exact scale replica of the fountain outside of LucasFilm. Now, it may be only me, but there’s something totally cool about that in a purely geeky sense. Continues belowAs the eBay listings above show, you can spend even more on a piece of Yoda-shaped tat; but none of them are bronze and none of them based on a real-life, albeit pointless, piece of architectural decor.

What’s the saddest part about this? Not that somebody will one day buy this for over $1500, but that I actually want one of these Yoda bronze statues in my house.

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