Star Wars Epic Duels

by The Beast!

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“The greatest Star Wars board game ever made!” shouts one delighted Amazon customer. And most gamers seem to feel the same way, despite the extremely high asking price for a new one (IF you can find one!).

It’s not going to topple Agricola, Puerto Rico or Settlers of Catan, but it is a solid game — which is a lot more than can be said for so many of the Star Wars games over the years.

One of the weaker points is the inclusion of miniatures. While it’s always nice to have them, these are not the best quality, with average design and poor paintwork. Fortunately, the game is far better than the plastic characters. Continues belowMovement is either a single character a lot of spaces, or lots of characters not many spaces. When the inevitable Star Wars epic duels occur, these are card-based battles a bit like Top Trumps, with two cards face-down chosen by each player; the person whose card has the higher score damages the opponent. Special cards can be played to give you an advantage, or your opponent a disadvantage!

The game includes rules for ranged and hand-to-hand combat, like an RPG, as well as providing henchmen. It’s like D&D but in space, in the Star Wars universe. If you can find better miniatures somewhere to fit, then the Star Wars Epic Duels board game game will be a smash.

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