Hilarious! The Best Party Games for Women

Boardgame Beast rounds up the Party Games for Women that will never let you down. All these girls’ party games guarantee laughter and memorable moments, every time you play.

Best Girls’ Party Games

Board games make great party games for women with attitude! Who said board games are just for kids? The best board game experience is an adult party game among like-minded girls. No matter what the celebration (or the excuse!), there’s a board choice game to make it more memorable.

Board games make great grown-up girls’ party games: the best adult party games suitable for girls’ night in activities are all listed on this page. In no particular order, here’s our top 10 Party Games for Women. Each and every one has something special to offer you and your girlfriends.

What’s a DAME to Do?!

With a tendency to be a younger womens’ game — with recommended age groups being early 20s to mid 40s — DAME has earned itself a cult following. It’s simply one of the best girls’ night in activities you can buy, with funny, yet simple rules, and hilarious writing.

Girlfriends’ Intuition

This game is all about the bling, but it’s really about celebrating and renewing friendships. We found this game a little less satisfying than DAME, but still a very solid and enjoyable experience.

Apples to Apples

Another great party game, Apples to Apples board game doesn’t rely on the players being just ladies, so not only is it a good girls’ night in game, it’s also one to fall back on if your party gets crashed by the guys.

Do Tell

Yet another board game that encourages girls to bare all their secrets, Do Tell board game is funny and simple to understand. There’s also a family version if this one is too risque for your crowd!

Eat It board game

If you’ve spent far too much of your life scarfing snacks, then Eat It will be a breeze. It’s a trivia game focusing on candy, chips and other junk food, and wouldn’t it be ironic if you were snacking while you play?

Dirty Minds board game

We all know that certain phrases are suggestive, but how much of the suggestion comes from us, and how much from the phrases themselves? This game will find out which side of the fence you and your friends sit…


Just as the Cranium board games became less interesting, along came Partini to the rescue! It’s in the same vein as the original Cranium, but we find it more elegant and original.

The Singing Bee DVD Game

If you can’t get enough of Glee and love going to karaoke, then this is the game for you. It encourages solo and group singalongs, so shy people need not apply.


This original game tests people’s word power. It’s fun for larger groups, and if the boys join in, you won’t be revealing any personal secrets to them. A lot of fun.

Pictionary Man

Everybody loves Pictionary, but who could resist a chance to draw all over a little plastic guy? Try to resist the urge to include rude scribbles on his anatomy.

If your favorite girl’s party games are not listed here, send us board game reviews. You can also leave ratings and comments by clicking the Comments link at the end of any review page.

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