Loaded Questions

by Sonya

(Concord, NH)

Click to find Loaded Questions on Amazon!Click to find Loaded Questions on Amazon!Game:
Loaded Questions
Board game manufacturer:
All Things Equal
Number of players:
3-6 officially, but we played with 7

Quick verdict

In the midst of family tragedy — my grandma’s death — my family played games. And Loaded Questions was the BEST way ever to get on with life since all we did was laugh, laugh, and LAUGH!

The game and gameplay

Everyone one was involved. My 14-year-old cousin was able to play and do as well the older family members.

Click here to Put Your Foot Down: submit your OWN Footprint Rating and leave comments for this game!The laughs were contagious and long-lasting. I will definitely be talking about this game for years to come.

Loaded Questions is a new twist on the dictionary game and easy to learn. On your turn, you read a question to the group.

Everyone writes an answer. The answers are read out loud and you must figure out who wrote what answer.

The players should be reminded to stay quiet when the answers are read, but that doesn’t always work. For each answer you guess correctly, you move a space on the board. Very simple to learn, but not boring.The questions are wide-ranging, from four categories. An example of a Hypothetical was: “If you would sacrifice your life to save someone or something, who or what would it be?”

My mom, instead of saying “My children”, wrote down my name. My brother was playing too, so we had a huge laugh at that one! The other three categories are Anything Goes, No-Brainers and Personals.

Everyone is expected to answer truthfully, but there are no wrong answers. For a question like: “What animal do you visit first when you go to a zoo?”, who could tell you that you don’t want to visit the snakes?

There are also Junior and Adult versions of the game.

There are two twists on the board. Some squares give the player a chance to pick any question on the card.

This can be dangerous, though. My cousin picked “What body feature is your least favorite?” My brother, jokingly, wrote down “My ugly face” and my cousin had to tell someone in our family she thought they had an ugly face!

The other twist can be fun, sometimes. If you land on the “Personal” squares, everyone has to guess what you would say to a question. We had to guess what my mother would think was her most intimidating muscle. For some reason, my 110 pound, 5’3″, unimposing mother said her bicep. We all thought it would be her tongue or jaw.

Some of the other questions didn’t work so well for this category, so we ignored that square after that.

One question was “What will you be doing 10 years from now?” We will definitely be doing what one of the players said, “Talking about the night I played Loaded Questions.” I wish I had taken a picture of us playing, but I was laughing too hard!

The verdict

For a party game, Loaded Questions is just what you want. It works for people who know each other well and would be a great ice breaker for strangers who want to be friends.

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Click to find Loaded Questions on Amazon!

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