Kid Party Game Ideas for 5-10yrs

Aggravation board game!

Aggravation board game





Connect Four game!

Connect Four

Cranium Hullabaloo!

Cranium Hullabaloo

Don't Break The Ice game!

Don’t Break The Ice

Game of Life board game!

Game of Life board game

Guess Who game!

Guess Who? game

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High School Musical game

Hungry Hungry Hippos

Hungry Hungry Hippos

Jenga stacking game!

Jenga stacking game

Kerplunk game!

Kerplunk game

Mall Madness Hannah Montana board game!

Mall Madness Hannah M.

Monopoly board game

Monopoly game

Mousetrap game!

Mousetrap game

Operation boardgame!

Operation game

Parcheesi board game!

Parcheesi board game

Pass the Pigs!

Pass the Pigs

Pay Day board game!

Pay Day board game

Penguin Pile-Up board game!

Penguin Pile-Up

The Pumpkin King board game!

The Pumpkin King

Ruin board game!

Ruin board game

Scrabble Jr. board game!

Scrabble Jr.

Skip Bo card game!

Skip-Bo card game

Sorry the board game!

Sorry the board game

Topple game!

Topple game

The T-Shirt game!

The T-Shirt game

Toss Across game!

Toss Across game

Trouble board game!

Trouble board game

Turn The Tide game!

Turn The Tide game

Twister game!

Twister game

UNO card game!

Uno card game

Wooly Bully game!

Wooly Bully

Yahtzee Free For All game!

Yahtzee Free For All

Need kid party game ideas? Boardgame Beast can help!

Why are board game parties the exclusive domain of adults? Well-chosen board and party games can really liven up a gathering… and will be more memorable than so-and-so’s uncle who tried (and failed) to put on a professional quality magic show.

Don’t see your top birthday games for girls here? Send us board game reviews! You can also leave comments and ratings on any of the games by clicking the Comments link at the end of each review.

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