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High School Musical game
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Quick verdict

Young girls, tweens to teens, will enjoy the High School Musical game at sleepovers. Hours of fun will pass as they watch their friends sing and dance along with actual song clips from the movie. The game is much more enjoyable if you have seen the movie loads of times and know the personalities of the principal characters.

The game and gameplay

The High School Musical board game is a fast-paced CD- or DVD-enhanced experience. You move your favorite characters from class to class, acting out hidden talents to get to the gym with your six different cast cards for the victory dance, without getting detention and losing a turn.

Click here to Put Your Foot Down: submit your OWN Footprint Rating and leave comments for this game!The game includes a CD with excerpts of actual songs from the hit Disney movie.

Answer a trivia question, do a dance, act out a hidden talent, or play Truth or Dare as part of your audition to be in the next High School Musical.

Your mission is to be the first player to successfully collect six different cast cards and get to the gym for the victory dance. The other players’ laughter and teasing may slow you down though!

Be the first High School Musical boargame player to complete all of your auditions to get the callback to move ahead to the next class.
Players work their way through East High, use the interactive music CD or DVD for even more fun… just don’t land in detention along the way!

Each player tries to collect six different cast cards as they go from room to room, answering trivia questions and performing hidden talents.

For my children, it was so much fun watching their dad sing along to a song, or watch their Mom pretend to play the drums.

Pros and cons

The High School Musical boardgame is entertaining even when it’s not your turn.

It is fun watching your friends and family acting out hidden talents for their auditions, from singing, to ballet and belly dancing. It puts you in a happy mood with nonstop laughing.

Just one con: if you have not seen the movie, you won’t know how the characters would play out their audition. This will unbalance the gameplay, especially if some of the children playing the game are familiar with the movie while other players are not.

Boys will probably not enjoy it as much as girls though.

The verdict

We enjoy this game and play it often. It is a lot of fun moving your character from classroom to classroom. It’s silly and fun waiting to see what your next audition will be and if you will get the callback to move ahead. The High School Musical boardgame is a good family game.

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