Turn the Tide game

by Shelley Stuart

(Upstate NY)

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Turn the Tide
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Quick Verdict
By sharing the hands dealt, everyone has an equal chance of winning this cutely-drawn (yet very satisfying) save-the-sheep card game.

The game and gameplay

In order to save sheep from drowning in bad weather, you must play numbered Weather cards to avoid getting stuck with numbered Tide cards. If you have the highest Tide card in your play area, you lose one of your sheep’s life preservers!

Click here to Put Your Foot Down: submit your OWN Footprint Rating and leave comments for this game!Game starts as the dealer distributes the Weather cards (numbered one to sixty) to all players. Each Weather card may have a life preserver on it. You add up the number of life preservers in your hand and place the corresponding life preserver chits in your play area. (These will eventually count towards your score.)

Place the shuffled Tide cards (numbered one to twelve) face-down in the center of the board. Place the top two cards faced up, revealing the height of the tide.Players select a Weather card from their hands and reveal them simultaneously. The player who played the highest numbered Weather card takes the lowest face-up Tide card. The player who played the second highest Weather card takes the highest face-up Tide card.

Now review all Tide cards in the players’ play areas. Whoever has the highest numbered Tide card loses a life preserver. If you lose all of your life preservers, you must drop out that round.

Once Turn the Tide game players have exhausted all Weather and Tide cards, players score by counting the number of life preservers they still have in their play area plus any bonus or penalty they must take.

Players then pass their hand of Weather cards and life preservers to the player on their left, shuffle the Tide card deck and play starts again. The game continues until all players have taken the opportunity to play the game with all available hands. Highest score wins.

Pros and cons

The fact that everyone gets to play the Turn the Tide game with all available card hands skews the game in favor of skill and not just luck (though there is still some luck involved). When you play with a familiar group of players, you will enjoy trying to out-think what your opponent may play.

Playing with complete strangers tips the balance back towards luck slightly, but does up the spice on seeing if you can read your opponents or not.

The verdict

Another must-have for the sheep game collectors! I enjoy the game mechanics quite a bit, and can play this game regularly without getting bored. The cute sheep pictures don’t hurt, either.

If you don’t like card games in general, you might try the Turn the Tide game for the hand-sharing twist, but don’t expect to turn into a devotee.

Boardgame Beast gives Turn the Tide game four footprints out of five. Click here to leave comments and submit your OWN score for this game!

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