Sorry! the board game

by Tracy Alt


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Quick verdict

Sorry! is known as “The game of sweet revenge.” This may sound a little harsh, but we all know life isn’t always fair. What better way to teach your children how to deal with life’s little setbacks than with a board game that is a whole lot of fun to play?

The game and gameplay

You may feel it’s a bit soon to teach your kids the concept of revenge, but it’s all in the spirit of good, clean fun. Board games are a great way to break it to your family that life’s not always fair…

Click here to Put Your Foot Down: submit your OWN Footprint Rating and leave comments for this game!Players begin the game with all four of their colored pawns in their respective Start space. A deck of cards is shuffled and placed in the center of the board.

The first player takes the top card and follows the directions on the card. Players must draw either a “1” or “2” in order to move a pawn out of the start space and
onto the playing board.

If the player does not draw a “1” or “2”, his turn is over and play continues in a clockwise direction.The cards are as follows:

1 – Move from Start or move forward 1
2 – Move from Start of move forward 2 and DRAW AGAIN
3 – Move forward 5
4 – Move BACKWARD 4
5 – Move forward 5
7 – Move forward 7 or split between two pawns
8 – Move foward 8
10 – Move forward 10 or move backward 1
11 – Move forward 11 or change places with an opponent
12 – Move forward 12
Sorry! – Move a pawn from Start and switch places with an opponent whom you bump back to Start

The goal of Sorry! the board game is to be the first player to get all four of your colored pawns around the board and into your Home space.

The five spaces leading up to your Home space are called the Safety Zone. Once a pawn is in your Safety Zone, it cannot be touched by another player for any reason, but you must draw a card allowing you to get that pawn into the Home space with an exact number of moves.

Several things can help you get around the board faster.

You can land on the Slide of another player, allowing you to move ahead four extra spaces; you can draw an 11 and switch places with an opponent who is closer to your Home space, or you could draw a Sorry! card, allowing you to remove a pawn from your Start space and send another player’s pawn back into their Start space.

This is a crucial element of the game, getting ahead at the expense of an opponent. It’s also the key to the game’s competitive element and the sense of revenge. Any tantrums caused by Sorry! the board game are likely to originate from these cards!

Be careful before you exclaim “Sorry!” too loudly… remember that what goes around, comes around. On their next turn, a player could be saying “Sorry!” to you.

Pros and cons

Sorry! is a board game that’s bright, simple and well-designed. It’s stood the test of time, which is always a good sign that current players will get a kick out of it, too.

The game has a lot of rules to remember, so there will definitely be a learning curve for younger players. Strategic thinking is a big part of this game, so young children may need a little extra coaching to get the hang of it.

Once the rules of the game have been mastered, it is a lot of fun to play and lasts long enough to enjoy, but not so long that you find yourself longing for the game to end.

Adults won’t want to play too often, but it ranks well as a family game experience.

The verdict

A great choice as your child’s first complex board game. Sorry! the board game will give their brain a good workout and will provide many hours of fun.

Boardgame Beast gives Sorry! four footprints out of five. Click here to leave comments and submit your OWN score for this game!

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