Clue Jr.

by Caitlin T.

(Virginia, USA)

Click to order Clue Jr. from Amazon!Click to order Clue Jr. from Amazon!Game:
Clue Jr. (The Case of the Missing Chocolate Cake)
Board game manufacturer:
Parker Brothers/Hasbro
Number of players

Quick verdict

This is a very cute game for kids, it allows them to be little detectives! Who ate the piece of chocolate cake?

The game and gameplay

After you have set up all of your game pieces correctly, you pick one of the white bases, (WITHOUT LOOKING!), that has a time label on it. Place this in the center. This is the time the cake was eaten.

Click here to Put Your Foot Down: submit your OWN Footprint Rating and leave comments for this game!Everyone look sneakily at one another at this point and continue on!

Then, take the rest of the white bases including the one with the crumbs and the blank and put them into their respective places on the board, without looking, of course.

Then take the five yellow bases with the drinks on them. Mix them together. Pick one drink, (without looking), and place this in the middle of the game. This is the drink that was drunk with the cake.


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Finally, take the remaining yellow bases and put them in their respective spots on the board.

Place your characters in their spots, and you are ready to go!

Take out your detective sheets, ask mom or dad for a pencil… for some reason, they don’t include them in this game… and get ready to be a detective!

The person who “ate the cake last” gets to go first, and then it proceeds to your left. You must blow on the dice, shake them really hard, and see what color you land on.

If you land on yellow, check under some furniture. We certainly hope they cleaned! We don’t want any dust bunnies!If you see a piece of furniture under there, mark it off on your paper, without any one seeing.

If you land on a white side, you must check under the respective white character pawn. Mark it off, and this ends your turn.

If you rolled a number, follow the footprints the number of times your dice says to. If someone is in that spot, you can’t pass them or land on them, and you can’t land on the same spot you started from. Then if you land on white or yellow spaces, you must look at the yellow furniture space in that room, and on the matching yellow furniture pawn. White is for the characters and you follow the same process.

Now, if you run across any drinks or times, make sure to mark them off on your sheet, VERY carefully. Detectives can be sneaky folks and you don’t want your neighbor to know your answer! But just remember, the ones you have crossed out aren’t going to be the solution! Whatever is missing just might be!

Pros and cons

This game can be a little confusing for smaller kids, in my opinion. I personally think it should be more for ages five to ten.

It is a lot of fun, and once kids understand the rules, it’s easy to get going. It’s more confusing with the pieces and such, and it’s probably a very good idea to have an adult help get them all set up.

The verdict

I personally ADORE CLUE Jr. I still play it as well as the other versions. I’m a little kid at heart. Because of the confusion of instructions I give this cute game…

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Sep 04, 2010


by: Anonymous

This game is so confusing. We had a lot of frustration figuring it out.

Jan 03, 2010


by: olivia

My family lost the instructions to the game and some of the pieces

so , we came here hoping to find out how to play. this site gave me the lowest possible info. Where do you put the pieces? Just play the actual CLUE game its just as easy to play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jul 27, 2009


by: Mary

I love this game, it’s great 4 me and my family

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