Fabulous Teen Party Game Ideas

Get teen party game ideas that will liven up your party in moments. Teenagers are notoriously tricky to buy for, but any one of these great games will entertain the entire group.

Great Teen Party Game Ideas

Need teenage party games ideas? Boardgame Beast can help! We believe a bunch of fun doesn’t have to cost you a bunch of banknotes. Some of the best value teen board games are in this range.

Here, in no particular order, are our top 5 choices. We’ve indicated the size of the group you can entertain with each choice, too.

Bop It (any size group)

This game is rather similar to Jenga, in that it involves a group activity, but individual skill. I received Bop It one Christmas from my brother, and I really didn’t know what to expect. It was TOTALLY addictive and loads of fun!

You simply won’t be able to put it down. Be sure to video the faces of the people playing rather than their bodily movements: the expressions of total concentration will be viral on YouTube in moments!

Bohnaza Card Game (2-7 players, but 3+ is recommended)

Never has being a bean farmer so much fun! This simple but really funny card game is easy to learn. Typical teens will be able to pick this up in about ten minutes. You may have trouble STOPPING them from playing…

The nice thing is, adults can play too, so you can either entertain mixed age groups, and/or get more use out of this once the party is over. Buy with confidence, and prepare to be surprised as just how much fun this game is.

Jenga (any size group)

Another of those elusive games that needs almost zero explanation, but can entertain almost anybody from 5 to 95.

Stack up the tower, then take turns removing one block and placing it on top of the tower again. It starts off really easily, but gets progressively more challenging as the structure loses its integrity. Great fun for teens, as it’s a solo skills game that is competitive, and can be played in teams. Available in plenty of different themed versions , so whatever your occasion, there’s a Jenga game to fit.

Pictionary Man (2-10 players, but 4+ is recommended)

Not since the original Pictionary has a game captured the imagination of party goers. Teens will love this more tactile version of the greatest drawing game ever created, and the little man you draw on is SO cute!

It can be tricky to draw on the little man, so they also provide a wipe-clean rectangle as a backup. Recommended.

The T-Shirt Game (3-6 players)

While this game doesn’t push the taste boundaries back far enough for our liking, and some teens will definitely find it a little “lame”, this can be a really fun group activity.

Each round involves turning over a T-shirt design. They are illustrated with funny and silly cartoon-style pictures. Each player must select a slogan from their hand that they think is the funniest match for the shirt image. Definitely will raise laughs, but you’ll wish that the designers had played it a little less safely, especially on the slogans.

We’ve reviewed loads of teen board games to make your party rock! Rate and comment on any of the games using the Comments links at the end of each review page. Or submit your own board game ratings if you don’t see your favorite teen party game ideas listed here.

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