The Best Movie & TV Games!

The Best Movie & TV Games are reviewed here. If you’re in the habit of buying TV board games, then you’ll know how hit and miss the process can be. Read our reviews before you buy another bad one!

Top 10 Movie and TV Board Games

The appeal of TV games and movie games is obvious. We’re already familiar with the characters, scenarios and actors, music and often even the creative minds behind those moving pictures, the directors, producers and camera people. Games which tap into this knowledge of the world’s leading popular culture media can be an instant hit with our families and friends.

But the BAD games based on those shows and movies always flop for the same reasons. They fail to resonate, and their thinly disguised attempt to appeal to us makes liars of them.

This list of top 10 Movie and TV board games contains no such dangers. These are all quality TV or movie board games (listed here in no particular order), based on quality source material, and should be a winner with fans of the show or movie.

1. Scene It? Twilight

Scary werewolves, teeny vampires, six packs and hormones abound in this vampire movie series.

Any fans of the original movie will love Scene It? Twilight Deluxe Edition, which comes with a ton of extras. Your teens will give their (pointy) eye teeth for this game.

2. Scene It? Harry Potter

Even more than Twilight, Harry Potter Scene It? has huge appeal, mostly because Twilight is really a teen to young adult series, while Harry Potter appeals to a far broader audience.

We’re honor-bound to report that, with one movie still on general release, there’s going to be more versions of this to come. But that won’t stop your Potter fans from playing and enjoying this.

3. Star Wars Trivial Pursuit

The good news: this comes with an adorable R2D2 number randomizer in place of the die. Press his head to get a number from one to six! The bad news: there are versions without R2, and also (shudder) versions with questions about Episodes I to III. Ensure you get the original trilogy edition with R2 “dice”.

4. Banzai

This is a weird entry on our top 10 TV games list. Banzai is something you have probably never heard of. It’s a Japanese game show spinoff, and the great news is that the Banzai DVD Game is tremendous fun. It encourages betting, cheating, double-crossing, backstabbing and chopstick use. Intrigued? Buy it for your adult crowd. You won’t regret it.

5. Scene It? Star Trek

It’s Star Trek, Jim, but not as we know it! Or in fact EXACTLY as we know it. This Star Trek Scene It? game relies on ‘Trekkies’ knowing their stuff. The usual Scene It? games format with hundreds of questions about Captain Kirk, Spock, Bones and the USS Enterprise.

6. Catch Phrase Game

You’d expect game shows to translate well to the board game format, but it’s not always true. Catchphrase is one of the better games, even if it doesn’t have an actual board. The fun gameplay you know from the hit TV show.

7. The Newlywed Game

This is one of the funniest gameshows, and it translated well into a board game. Couples get asked questions and if their answers match, they score points. Great for larger groups, or you can play as a single couple.

8: The Office Trivia Game

For rabid fans of the low-key comedy that was huge in the mid-2000s, The Office Trivia board game is a perfect game for alienating non-fans. You either “get” The Office or you don’t, and if you don’t, then this will be the worst game you’ve ever played.

9: Doctor Who Scene It?

Only available in the UK, Scene It? Doctor Who is perfect for fans of the time lord. Make sure you can play it in other regions; most computers can play different-region DVDs.

10: James Bone Scene It?

The man with a license to kill stars in this DVD board game.

Scene It? James Bond is everybody’s favorite secret agent, and this trivia game with movie clips will be great for fans of 007.

It’s on my wish list

Missed your favorite TV game?

Whatever movie trivia games, movie board games and TV board games you play and enjoy, please either write about them or leave ratings for the games we’ve already covered.

If your all-time top TV games are not listed here, send us board game reviews.

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