The Office Trivia Board Game

by Christian

(Pensauken, NJ, USA)

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Quick verdict

All in all, I hate and loathe trivia games. However I have a soft spot for The Office. Especially a game created by the people on the show. And quite frankly I found this game enjoyable and fun!

The game and gameplay

Click here to Put Your Foot Down: submit your OWN Footprint Rating and leave comments for this game!The game comes with a game board, 428 game cards with 698 questions, Support the Rabid wrist band, Dunder Mifflin answer pad, 16 Player movers, seven mover stands, 36 Dundie tokens (six of each of six different colors), six “That’s what she said” tokens and two dice with dice label sheets.

Playing the game is cake… To begin, roll the Micheal die. If Micheal doesn’t come up, then the players on your left asks a question which is associated with the color of the question card.

Now, you have two options, Regional Manager questions or Assistant to the Regional Manager. These two categories seperate the difficulty of the questions pertaining to the show.Once you get the correct answer, you recieve the matching color Dundie token. On your nect turn you’ll roll the number die and move that number of spaces. If Micheal comes up, you place him in the room with you and then ask a ‘Micheal’ question, one of the green cards. However you don’t get a Dundie token for Micheal questions…. cheap bastard…

If you don’t answer the question right, Micheal stays around till your next turn or when he’s called upon elsewhere.

The colors of the cards match various questions. Green is all about Micheal, yellow, orange and blue are about The Office workers, red break room cards are about other people. Purple water cooler cards have qoutes you must identify and pink conference room cards are about people in your branch.

Now for the fun stuff. When a players lands on a Fun Run it’s a chance to race another player for the ‘Support the Rabid’ band. This is important ’cause you need the band to win the game. The Fun Run continues roll for roll until a player makes it to the end first.

Due to special spots on the board, you may gain a turn or loose a turn or lose a roll.

If someone says something that works with the phrase, “That’s what she said”, be the first other than the player who said it to toss a “That’s what she said” token into Micheal’s office. When you do so, you can gain a Dundie token of the color you need.

You need all Dundie tokens of all colors and the Support the Rabid wrist band to win the game.

Pros and cons

Again, this game is fantastic! I’m a bit biased being an Office fan, but I’ve played this game multiple times and every time it gets better and better. The cards are always different and it really is a crap shoot to winning.

There really is only one con and if you fall under this category, then you shouldn’t be playing this game. You need to watch the show. You don’t have to be a big fan, but you really need to watch it on a regular basis or you’ll get your behind handed to you.

The verdict

Once again, I liked The Office Trivia Board Game a lot! It makes me want to get up and go to work… where I am the boss mind you! The game flows in a quick pace and the rules are so loose and gameplay so laid back that you can play this game hammered.

Boardgame Beast gives The Office Trivia Board Game four footprints out of five. Click here to leave comments and submit your OWN score for this game!

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May 16, 2012



by: Anonymous

We would like to know also!!!! This is soooo confusing! Please help us!

Nov 11, 2010

Good game 1 question though

by: Anonymous


Can you please tell us which direction the movers move?? We just bought the game, but can’t figure out the board, which direction do we move when we get it right, and how do we get around ??


[email protected]

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