24 DVD board game

by Ron

(Arkansas, USA)

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24 DVD board game
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Quick Verdict

Above all this is a role playing game of sorts. Well worth having if this your first non-traditional board game.

The game and gameplay

I will summarize what you get straight out of the Box: DVD, game board, game cards, label sheets, player tokens and instructions.

Click here to Put Your Foot Down: submit your OWN Footprint Rating and leave comments for this game!It’s based on a popular TV show, so the gameplay is not going to surprising for those already familiar with 24.

Players basically become agents out to collect clues and prevent carnage as in the ever popular show. It is all very interactive with the DVD – you participate in the on-screen games and challenges, analyze specific data, and decide which leads you’re going to follow up and more importantly which not.

There is a lot of multiple choice, a huge spectrum to think “Mmm… could I have done that any better?”
Some clues will be vital, while others may lead to misleading evidence or total dead ends. You can go on pleanty of wild goose chases and, while this is frustrating, it can lead to some pretty unexpected conclusions.

Every decision you make will take you down another paths and as the DVD’s timer ticks away, the action and suspense really amp up.Pros and cons

The 24 DVD board game is a must if you a fan of the series. It’s a good way to spend a Sunday afternoon and a great test, if you pride yourself on the knowledge of the show.

Playing it is daunting if you have never watched the show.

Cheaper better, more traditional ‘games’.

The verdict

There is complex content involved in this game. It is strictly for people of a mature understanding. Even some adults are not that mature. But I guess at the same time we live in a very complex world, where people are all to familiar with subjects and things that we would have thought a little freaky or unusual a while ago.

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Jan 04, 2011

Waste of time

by: Anonymous

Waste of time and money. Read Amazon reviews.

Dec 30, 2009


by: The Beast!

We don’t censor our reviewers. If they feel a game is worth four footprints, then we back them up. However, from time to time we review the ratings and if enough readers have voted it down, then we will make a change. It certainly seems in this case that it’s probable 24 will be marked down.

Dec 29, 2009

Extremely Disappointing

by: Mike

Big fan of the TV show, however this game has serious flaws leading to lots of frustration. Use of the DVD remote to control the game just doesn’t work which prevents you from getting through some of the mazes. Don’t bother or waste your money. How did this get a 4 feet rating out of 5 from this website?

Sep 11, 2009


by: Anonymous

this really sucked

really really, the games involved very little skill just pure luck really.

maybe my dvd player is on the blink or something

i really would avoid buying this

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