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Superb office meeting games, suitable for any business crowd!

Yes of course you COULD get in consultants and spend thousands on a team-building exercise. Alternatively, you could hit Amazon, buy a few well-chosen board games and save the difference to put behind the bar at the office party.

The key is matching the game to the size of the meeting. If you are getting together with a few key players, there are games which work well for up to six. If the group is much larger, then you’ll need to find games capable of catering for more players, or adapt a game to suit the environment.

See also: office meeting games/office Christmas party games reviewer Shelley Stuart recommends several board games which would make fun office games, but her top choice is worth a bite. “Apples to Apples takes the largest number of people, so works well in large group situations,” she says. “It encourages creativity, silliness, laughter and teamwork. The group needs to be creative when determining how a word fits a definition and the brainstorming involved is definitely team-based. Laughter is a great ice-breaker and people will learn more about their fellow players’ personalities.”

Uses: Training, team building, party, icebreaker

The Beast, aka Ashley Cotter-Cairns, publisher of, suggests Balderdash as a good office game. “Take the board out of the equation, unless there are only five or six of you and you have a long time to play,” says Ashley. “You can play purely with Balderdash cards and scraps of paper. Believe me, this is one of the funniest group activities there is. You can remove the element of scoring altogether and just play a few rounds. The fun part is reading other people’s definitions out loud. Guaranteed giggles!”

Uses: Team building, party, icebreaker reviewer Tom Warin suggests Cranium Party Playoff as a good idea for an office game. “In my experience, you probably won’t have to explain the playoff concept, because every office I’ve worked in has had some kind of ‘March Madness’ pool for the NCAA basketball,” Tom says. “It’s a great game for getting people talking, even those who perhaps aren’t that comfortable socially, because it’s easy to offer an opinion on something ridiculous like which of ‘Chia Pet’ or ‘Sliced Bread’ is more likely to have a city named after it. It’s also so light on strategy that it’s not likely to be taken too seriously, which can be a pain in an office setting. It can handle a fairly large number of players and would be amenable to having people work in teams.

Uses: Training, team building, party, icebreaker

We’d love to hear from you if you have tried any of these office meeting games ideas, or have board game ideas you’re using in the office environment. Send us your office games ideas and we’ll share them with the world.

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