Ashley Cotter-Cairns, aka The Beast!

by Ashley Cotter-Cairns

(BoardgameBeast HQ)

Only beer makes The Beast look this mean and orangey

Only beer makes The Beast look this mean and orangey

Ashley Cotter-Cairns left school just before University to ‘take a year off’. He landed his then dream job, reviewing computer games for Your Amiga magazine. (The collective sighs of relief emanating from Canterbury College campus in Kent, UK, are rumoured to have increased global warming in the vicinity.)

Freelance since 1996, Ashley has held positions as high as editor in both trade and consumer magazines. In 2006, he launched Polar Web Publishing and started his three Internet magazines:

The Church of Texas Holdem
The United Nations of Beer

Ashley inspired The Beast when he gave up shaving for nine months and forgot to cut his hair. His long-suffering wife, Carolina Pla, eventually showed him the error of his ways.

Carolina and Ashley married in a helicopter in Las Vegas in 2002. They have three sons, Jasper, Declan and Julian Cairns. Ashley also has a daughter, Katrina Newitt.

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