Fun Kids Games For Children Aged 3-5yrs

These Fun Kids Games are ideal board games for children who are preparing for their early school years. Most of these games for kids can be taught and played without any reading skills.

Top 10 Fun Games For Kids

Need fun kids games for preschool-age children? Where do you start? There are hundreds of games for kids and all of them look great in the store. Those impulse purchases don’t always go down so well when your gift arrives, though.

Our play testers check out each option thoroughly before recommending them, so you won’t buy a dud. Your children, relatives or friends will try to be grateful… but why take chances with your good intentions? These are all excellent choices. Buy with confidence! Here are our top 10 board games for children, in no particular order.

Candyland board game

Colorful, and no math or reading skills are required. There are some frustrations possible due to cards which can send you backwards to a special location on the board, but you can always have a house rule that only allows these to work going forwards. Different versions are available, but the original is probably the simplest and easiest.

Cranium Hullabaloo

For a while, it looked as if Cranium board games would have party entertainment sewn up forever. In the past few years, the brand has slipped a few notches, but Hullabaloo is perfect for the 3-5yr age group. Lots of get up and move activity to burn off the excess energy.


While it takes a while to set up, Kerplunk is the same marble-dropping fun it’s been for decades. It’s one game where you want to end up with less than the other players! Contains marbles, so keep infants away.

Elefun game

Butterflies and elephants?! Yes, a classic combination! You will love watching your children running around catching butterflies as the elephant blows them into the air from his trunk. Giggly chaos is ensured.

Guess Who?

A little old for the younger end of this spectrum, but by five, your kids should get a lot out of this elimination game. Pick a person and try to guess the identity of your opponent’s person, by narrowing down with questions about their appearance. Simple and effective, for two players only.

Kids of Catan

The great modern board game, Settlers of Catan, remade as a fun kid’s game. This is the German gaming market showing the world how board games for children should be done. It’s accessible, but far more interesting and complex than, say, Hi Ho Cherry-O.

Penguin Pile Up

A dexterity test that is oh so cute, this penguin stacking game is a perfect game for kids. The little ones will love to pretend the penguins are alive, so be sure to keep an eye on the pieces to make sure they all make it back into the box!

Monopoly Town

Some poor quality pieces let down what is otherwise a good concept, and a way to bring the Monopoly game to the youngest family members. A simple game play mechanic, cute chunky pieces and a talking Mr. Monopoly car are the highlights. This game requires a lot of adult help, because it’s really too fiddly for the target audience.


There are loads of versions of Twister, so no matter what your party theme is, you’ll find this fun activity in a style to suit your occasion. It’s an active game that encourages movement, so useful to introduce after cake time, when there’s a little too much pent-up energy.

Connect Four

It’s Tic-Tac-Toe made more interesting with the fourth marker and a larger play field, but really among two player games for kids of this age group, there is little competition. Simple strategic fun. Don’t be surprised if Dad loses to Junior!

Don’t see your favorite fun kids’ games or board games for children here? Send us board game reviews!

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