Pocket Pogo Solitaire

by Amanda Nettgen


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Pocket Pogo Solitaire
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Electronic Arts
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Footprint score: 3/5

Quick verdict

Do you still lug a 52 card deck around on a trip, only to find no one wants to play? Touch screen Solitaire from Pogo offers you four neat, single-player card games so that you may never be in this dilemma again.

The game and gameplay

I bet it won’t come as a surprise that the card games programmed on this handheld console have something to do with Solitaire. In fact, they all do.

Click here to Put Your Foot Down: submit your OWN Footprint Rating and leave comments for this game!There’s Classic 1-Card Solitaire, of which most people will be familiar with. The response between the cards and the stylus isn’t the best, and you lose points for going back through the draw pile after your first trip, which I think is harsh. There is also a Vegas 3-Card game on the device which relates to this category.

Tri Peaks and Tri Peaks Wild are better than the other two traditional Solitaire games, in my opinion. They play the same except that the latter edition is a quickplay take where Wilds are available, whereas the first Tri Peaks is over several rounds and without extra help.

Members of Club Pogo should recognize the Tex Carter character and treasure chests, both of which are indicative of what stage you’re on.

Tri Peaks plays just like Golf Solitaire, except the foundations are formed into three peaks every time. It is the only game out of the four that you can get badges with.

Pros and cons

+ 20,000 free tokens are instantly added to your Club Pogo account just for registering.

+ The Tri Peaks take is a fun game for them to have included.

– Your listed cards get squashed in the two Solitaires, making it so that only the highest and lowest cards are displayed. This grants it impossible to move around different cards sections for strategy.

– My registration code didn’t work, and I had to E-mail Club Pogo over several days to get a new one. I’ve read other people have had this problem with the Solitaire console as well.

The verdict

If you’re a Pogo fanatic and want to earn some tokens on-the-go, try Touch screen Solitaire. If you appreciate card games but are new to the online gaming community, test it out under the warning that you may soon become addicted!

Boardgame Beast gives Pocket Pogo Solitaire three footprints out of five. Click here to leave comments and submit your OWN score for this game!

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