Best Fun Games For Girls Aged 5-9yrs

If you’re looking for Fun Games For Girls, either girls’ birthday party games or general board games for girls, we can help. These are our top recommendations for this tricky age group!

Great for Halloween!



Rescue the Patient!

Operation games

Operation games

Super-Cute Sheep!

Wooly Bully

Wooly Bully

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty Games

Hello Kitty Games

Harry Potter

Harry Potter LEGO Game

Harry Potter LEGO Game

Rescue the Rats

Harry Potter LEGO Game

Harry Potter LEGO Game

Top 10 Fun Games For Girls

This is our selection of Top 10 Board Games for Girls. While many boys would enjoy most of these games, they have been specially selected to appeal to girls aged 5-9yrs.

All of these fun games for girls would liven up a slumber party, birthday, Christmas, Halloween, or other celebration. Although we’ve numbered the list, the games are in no particular order. All have strong appeal.

1: CLUE Jr.

The regular CLUE board game can be a bit daunting, even for 9yr olds, so this edition for younger players will be a welcome teaching aid for parents. CLUE Junior is a simplified version of the classic original, and none the worse for it. It’s easy to pick up, fun to play, has several versions available focusing on different cases, and is suitably cool and spooky for a sleepover party or Halloween.

2: Harry Potter LEGO board game

There are many Harry Potter games, as you’d expect for such a popular character, and some are better than others. Of all the games suitable for this age group, the Harry Potter LEGO Hogwarts game is the highest rated, and Potter has an appeal with girls as strong (or stronger) than with boys. Recommended.

3: Blokus Puzzle Game

Remarkably simple yet amazingly challenging and addictive, Blokus is an exceptional game. It encourages strategic thought and, like Chess, can be played in an attacking or defensive way.

4: Guess Who?
A simple game, yet lots of fun for two players only, the Guess Who? game is a deduction and elimination game. Rule out ‘suspects’ by narrowing down with simple questions, such as “Do they wear glasses?”. The players flip down the faces based on the answers until they have one suspect left.
5: Jenga
Build ’em up and knock ’em down! The Jenga stacking game is so satisfying. Almost anybody can play, though it may need adult supervision for the setup. There’s a Halloween Jenga too.
6: Mall Madness Hannah Montana

Girls of a certain age love Hannah Montana, and if anybody is a perfect endorsement for a game about shopping, then it’s her. Some parents won’t find the message of consumerism in the Mall Madness game a wholesome one, but the girls will hardly mind that, as this game has been around for decades and is super-fun.

7: Twister

There are many editions of the Twister game, paying testimony to its success as a physical challenge. A perfect choice of birthday games for girls, there are themed versions, so if you’re creating a birthday party theme, these could help.

8: Hello Kitty Games

This is really a category rather than a single game. All girls love Hello Kitty, and there are many funny board games for girls with the Hello Kitty paw-print of approval. Among the highlights are Hello Kitty UNO card game, Hello Kitty Monopoly, Hello Kitty Connect Four, and the adorable Hello Kitty Yahtzee.

9: Abandon Ship Game

Lots of dice, lots of rats! That’s Abandon Ship, and most girls will love it. Rescue the rats before the ocean liner sinks. Simple, yet really playable, for 2-7 players.

10: Operation

Another good choice of girls’ birthday party games, Operation is the same classic game play you remember from your own childhood. The twist is, there are now new versions available. Admittedly many seem designed for boys, such as Operation Spiderman and Operation Pit Stop, but there are editions that are more neutral, like Spongebob Squarepants Operation.

Don’t see your favorite fun games for girls here? Send us board game reviews!

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