Scooby Doo CLUE board game

by The Beast!

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“CLUE-by Dooby Doo!” Yes, the world’s most famous Whodunnit meets the world’s most famous detective dog in has to be considered a perfect match.

Here’s the only real changes between this version and the classic original. You’ll see the Mystery Machine in the Courtyard, plus a Graveyard instead of the Study. Scooby plays Colonel Mustard, Shaggy Professor Plum, Velma Mrs. Peacock, Daphne Miss Scarlet and Fred is Reverend Green. Mrs. White is the maid. The six figures are made nicely in pewter. The weapons are all taken from episodes of the show, and the artwork on the cards is perfect.

There are no rule changes, so this is really just a Scooby Doo CLUE without any extra frills beyond the art and playing pieces. Amzon customers loved it!

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