The Simpsons Games: Save Your D’oh!

Before you spend your D’oh! on Simpsons Games, check out our reviews. We have played ’em all, and the best are recommended here, including Simpsons CLUE board game and Simpsons Life board game.

Top 10 Simpsons Games

While the TV show may be waning in the ratings, The Simpsons board games are still very popular. We’ve created this guide to save you the bother of buying something unworthy of the show’s great name. In no particular order, here’s our Top 10 Simpsons Games. There’s really something for everybody here.

CLUE The Simpsons

Who shot Mr. Burns? In the famous two-part episode, which famously parodied Dallas amongst many other TV shows and movies, the answer was Maggie Simpson, but in Simpsons CLUE board game, the answer will be different each time. It’s one of the better CLUE board game editions we’ve reviewed.

The Simpsons UNO Horror Edition

A great choice of Halloween game ideas, Treehouse of Horror UNO is a fun party game that young kids can understand, and parents won’t hate to play. This is not really much more than a rebranded version, but UNO and Simpsons fans won’t give a hoot about that.

Simpsons Monopoly Treehouse of Horror Edition

Boo! Another great game gets the Simpsons treatment, and another Halloween game classic has been created. While there are many Monopoly game editions, we fancy this one as a future classic, if only because it has such a short lifespan. Will you play it any time other than Halloween? Not very likely. There is a regular Simpsons Monopoly if you prefer. Nicely done.

Simpsons Operation Game

Homer is the perfect patient, given what he’s eaten over the years, and you can help remove some of it in this talking edition of the Operation game. Simple fun for all the family.

Simpsons 20 Questions

There are a lot of Simpsons trivia games, but no others that are shaped like a bitten donut. Worth the price just to see the look on your friends’ faces as they pick it up for the first time!

The Simpsons Sorry!

I wonder how many times Bart Simpson has apologized during the long, long-running TV series? This Sorry! Simpsons edition is a fun game that most parents won’t hate to play once or twice a month.

Simpsons Top Trumps

This very simple Simpsons trading card game is nothing like the OTHER one, but it’s fun for kids and is one of the only two-player games themed to The Simpsons. If you’ve never played Top Trumps, you might be surprised how much fun it is. An excellent stocking stuffer or party favor that will be appreciated more once the recipient has played it.

The Simpsons Scene It?

Your family loves trivia and The Simpsons? Then this Scene It? Simpsons game is well worth investing in. It includes clips from the show, and asks hundreds of questions. Like all Scene It? games, there are pros and cons, but fans will be more forgiving than most.

Rubik’s Homer

This is a pretty special oddity. Mix up Homer’s head, and put it back together again, if you can! A nice stocking stuffer.

Wheel of Fortune Simpsons Edition

You might not expect a Wheel of Fortune board game to be much fun, but it can be, depending on your crowd. We think this is one of the better Simpsons games for older players to get involved in, but don’t expect the kids to enjoy it very much.

Don’t see your favorite Simpsons board game here? Send us board game reviews!

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