Clue Mystery Match

by Amanda Nettgen


Clue Mystery Match!

Clue Mystery Match

Rating out of five:


+ The brief time limit makes you work quickly!
+ Cards turn golden after you’ve looked at them
+ You get a bonus per second remaining on your timer at the close of a round
– There’s not a whole lot to it

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Clue Match Mystery is nice enough for what it is, but probably not a game you’ll play a ton of times for leisure. Because it is so simple, however, it could be a game to make some decent cash on…

With most murders, the first aspect of the crime that detectives are aware of is the location. Fittingly, Clue Mystery Match has you seek out where the offense occurred first. You do this by flipping over Clue cards two at a time, each adorned with a snapshot of an item that is characteristic of a particular locale. When you’ve cleared all of the cards by making matches, you will have discovered the place of the murder.

Clue Mystery Match!
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You go on to identifying what weapon was used to carry out the killing. The dangerous items are the usual revolver, knife, lead pipe, etc. from the board game, with the addition of a bottle of poison.

One of the last things some murders uncover, unfortunately, is who the perpetrator was, and in Clue Mystery Match, the final round of matching involves pinpointing the man or woman responsible. All of your favorite bad guys are here, from Mr. Green to Ms. Scarlet, plus one new convict.

The thing that makes Clue Mystery Match a little more challenging than other Memory games is the fact that the remaining tiles don’t stay in the same area after you’ve made neighboring pairings. The cards shift faster than a ball under a shell; you have to keep real tabs on them to keep up.

If you manage to clear all of the cards during a round within the tight time limit, you will receive more points for “solving” that part of the case. At the end of the three levels, the interface will list if you were able to crack the different elements of the murder or not and give you a final score.

All in all, a fun way to pass some time, whether you play for free or try for a real cash prize! Mr. Boddy would approve (if he weren’t dead).

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