Clue Classic

by Amanda Nettgen


Clue Classic!

Clue Classic

Rating out of five:


+ Truly perfect rendition of the classic English board game
+ One person can play against the computer AI
+ Great graphics and creepy atmosphere
– No multi-player option
– Hasbro stopped download editions

Thanks to Hasbro, Clue Classic can no longer be downloaded — you’ll have to buy it from Amazon. BOO, Hasbro!

The name Clue Classic really IS the Clue board game you loved to play while growing up. Clue the PC game plays just like the more traditional version. It looks like you’re playing with cutout replicas of the characters on the modern game box.

You can play with up to five ranked computer players (you must play with at least two). Play as each of the six characters if you plan on earning the achievements for doing so. Your cards will be dealt and already checked off on your “point and click” notebook sheet. A stage hand will put your paper doll-esque moving token in place, and a click of a button will instruct you to roll the dice.

On your turn, try and make your way to a room so you can make a murder suggestion. The game is really handy in that black arrows will show you exactly where you can move; there’s no eye squinting or counting in your head to determine where you can venture on the tiny squares. You get to watch a lovely room sequence each time you enter a new part of the house.

With each room you will pick a fellow partygoer to blame for the killing of Mr. Boddy (perhaps even yourself!) and their presumed weapon of choice. The other players MUST show you if they have one (but only one) of those cards.

Click once in the appropriate area on your Clue game notebook to mark a red x over what the other players have just shown you. You now know that what is in the Confidential File is not any of those things. You can also jot down any notes on the other contenders’ reactions – unique to the Clue PC version.

You’ll watch the other players move automatically. You must also offer up a card to show them when they guess, if available.

You may make an accusation at any time during your turn during the Clue PC game. You should be fairly certain your take is right, as incorrect allegations will cause you to lose a turn. If your detective work was successful, a flashback of who killed Mr. Boddy and with what object will play.

The main disappointment with Clue Classic is that you can only play with computer players. While PC games are meant for individuals, it seems kind of silly that a game you can’t play by yourself in real-life wouldn’t provide a multi-player feature in the virtual version.

If you really love the board game Clue, then this short career take could be fun for you. Otherwise, Clue Classic is probably better for kids who don’t expect a lot from their computer games. I’d rate it a 5 out of 5 if only it had a multi-player function!

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Aug 17, 2009

Clue Classic version?

by: Steve

Very good point. My reviewer took whichever download version is current at the time. Perhaps you could have a look at the latest version using a one-hour trial and make another comment? The Beast

Aug 17, 2009

Clue Classic

by: Steve

Your ad for Clue Classic does not indicate when this PC game was produced. Is this the one originally made by Atari in 2003?

If so, I have played the Atari game, and I find problems with it.

First, this game starts with a loud introduction, which can’t be removed and which I could do without.

Second, there is no option to reduce the amount of graphics. Because of what I would consider excessive graphics, you can see only two rooms at a time, instead of all nine rooms. It is hard to tell which room you are heading toward, and to tell where the Secret Passages go.

Third, this game violates the rules of Clue by not allowing the human player or players to see what were the suggestions made by the computer players, and which player if any showed a card to the computer player. (Although you are not supposed to see what card another player shows, you are allowed to know if any player did show at least one card).

Fourth, I could not exit the a game once begun and I had shut it down by using Cntr-Alt-Delete to shut it down.

Fifth, the computer players make their moves instantaneously, and you can’t follow what they do. You can’t change the speed of play.

If your game is the Atari game, which could run on older PC’s then I would not recommend using it.

If your game is a newer version, then you should state who the electronic manufacturer is, say, electronic Arts, and what year the game was produced.

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