Mr. Monopoly Guy Christmas ornament

by Tom Warin

Mr. Monopoly Guy Christmas ornament. Click to buy from Amazon!Click to buy this item from Amazon!Mr. Monopoly Guy Christmas ornament

As Christmas approaches, the excitement is mounting here in New England. For the first time since we moved to this house, we will be getting a tree.

This raises the thorny issue of decorations. My taste in ornaments tends to the secular, preferably involving penguins. My wife has inherited decorations of a more spiritual nature from her family. The cat doesn’t care, as long as the ornaments are within his reach and breakable.

As economic crisis grips America, the plutocratic figure of Mr. Monopoly is as good a representation of the season as any.

In this ornament, available from the festive folk at Amazon, Mr. Monopoly holds a candy cane that represents the promise of capitalism, but presents us with a pair of dice that represents the gamble that we take when we hand our 401(K) over to his tender mercies.

More importantly than any of that, it’s made of plastic, so the cat can play with it to his heart’s content and it will probably still be usable next year.

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