Adult Funny Games For a Boys’ Night In!

Having a boys’ night in? Read our reviews of Adult Funny Games and treat you and your mates to a fantastic evening of beer, chips, girl talk and guys’ games. Boardgame Beast’s picks are guaranteed to raise a lot of laughs.

Talk Like Zombies

Give Me The Brain

Give Me The Brain

Have Mass Debates

Cranium Party Playoff

Cranium Party Playoff

Become Rednecks

Redneck Life Game

Redneck Life Game

Bet On Weird S*&t

Banzai DVD game

Finger Your Friends

NFL Finger Football

NFL Finger Football

Bet And Bluff

Wits and Wagers

Wits and Wagers

Trade Pimps ‘n Hos



Beat Up Nerds

Lunch Money game

Lunch Money game

Serve Zombie Burgers

Lord of the Fries

Lord of the Fries

More Funny Adult Board Games

Top 10 Adult Funny Games

There’s more to a boys’ night in than pizza and football (though we have both bases covered, just in case: see The NFL Finger Football game). There are some really great adult funny games here for your next night away from your better halves. Grab yourself a case or two of beer, unplug the phone and get playing.

1: Banzai!

Japanese TV is weird. The Banzai DVD game, based on a cult TV series, is even weirder. You and your friends can bet on totally weird crap, hone your chopstick skills, and generally get drunk and disorderly in short order.

2: Give Me The Brain

You can never have too many zombies, and among the Best Zombie Games ever is Give Me The Brain. Not many games actively encourage people to speak like the undead. You have been warned, this one’s silly.

3: NFL Finger Football

With a set for every team in the NFL, plus a generic one, there’s no excuse not to own one of the best sports tabletop games ever made. NFL Finger Football is surprisingly challenging, and as you get more acquainted with good beer over the course of the evening, things aren’t going to get easier.

4: Cranium Party Playoff

Take sides in an argument and back it to the hilt. That’s Cranium Party Playoff in a nutshell. The interesting part is, the arguments are random, so you might be backing cheeseburgers over beauty queens. Amazingly fun.

5: Ghettopoly

A game that was banned due to legal action, the Ghettopoly board game has a cult following and is collectible, so take care if the guys are drinking. Drive-bys, pimps, hos and dope are the currency, and owning the ‘hood is the name of the game.

6: Lunch Money

Beat the snot out of kids and steal their cash. That’s the Lunch Money game! Played with cards and cruelty, you will laugh like drains as you pound the nerds.

7: The Game of Redneck Life

Like the game You Might Be a Redneck, the Redneck Life board game pokes fun at backwoods living. Based on the Game of Life, you must guide your rednecks through similar, though funnier, life choices.

8: Really Nasty Horseracing Game

As the name suggests, this horse racing board game is REALLY nasty. Especially if you play for real money. We don’t recommend it — even without a side bet, this game has the potential to break up friendships. You have been warned.

9: Lord of the Fries

There’s zombies and zombies, but very few burger-flipping zombies! Lord of the Fries sees your zombies fixing orders, trading cards with other zombies, and cheating, maybe even biting, to win.

10: Wits and Wagers

Answer questions yourself, or back your friends to get a question right. Wits and Wagers will turn any trivia contest into a betting frenzy. Be sure to bring your ATM card.

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