Guess Who game clone: Simpsons

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Guess Who game clone: Simpsons

If you are a big Simpsons fan and know and love the Guess Who? game, then this Simpsons clone of the concept will appeal to you.

The game is very simple. Two players have a line-up of Simpsons characters on hinged plastic flip-up tabs. Both of you select a random character: the other person has to guess who you have selected by asking questions to narrow down the list of suspects, like “Do they have glasses?” or “Are they wearing a red top?” Continues below
It’s a pretty simple game, so will appeal to younger players or for family gatherings where there’s a mixed age group. Collectors will like to add this to their game cupboard, of course.

The news isn’t too bad on that score. The Amazon UK price is just £8.

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