Micro Scalextric The Simpsons

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Micro Scalextric The Simpsons

Once you change the boundaries of what constitutes a board game, well, there’s no looking back really. And nobody in their right minds would describe a slot car set as a board game. But we HAD to include this in our Simpsons toy guide, because (a) we think controlling Bart and Homer skateboard figures is too much fun, and (b) countless hours of our lives were spent playing with Scalextric in our first decade.

Micro Scalextric is a new-ish phenomenon. The company used to make only 1/32nd scale (and briefly in the 1960s, 1/24th scale) slot car sets, but not everybody has a huge house to set up a big circuit and the little cars go super-fast. Continues below
You won’t be able to use the UK power pack if you export it to North America, but other than that it will be fine and be a great addition to your collection. UK customers won’t have an issue.

The price? Amazon UK wants £27 (April 2010), with free shipping. On eBay, there’s a set starting at 99p with no reserve!

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