Catan Hex Maniac hoodie

by Tom Warin

(Salem, MA)

Catan Hex Maniac hoodie from Zazzle. A exclusive design!Click to buy this item from Zazzle!Catan Hex Maniac hoodie

Exactly how far are you willing to go for two wheat?

A recent and widely discredited study shows that couples that regularly play Settlers of Catan together are 50 per cent more likely to break up as a result of trading disputes. Reasons for breaking up include the following:

“He let that bimbo have two wood in exchange for one sheep, just because she fluttered her eyelashes at him.”

She promised me we could try that thing I read about on the Internet if I gave her two brick, but when we got home she wriggled out of it. I could have used those brick!”

“He traded wheat for sheep while I was in the kitchen getting a beer. He knew that I needed wheat!”

But is there really any shame in doing whatever it takes to win? Surely being the first to get the Longest Road more important than a mere relationship?

If you need to remind your partner where your loyalties lie, then this comfy organic cotton Catan Hex Maniac hoodie available from Zazzle is just the ticket.

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Dec 30, 2009


by: Anonymous

That is hilarious! I love it!

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