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Doctor Who board game
Weetabix (on the back of 1970s boxes)

Quick verdict

Are you serious? You’re asking me say something about a Doctor Who product? At a glance my Quick Verdict isn’t going to be fair, I’ll tell you that. I’m entirely biased when it comes to anything dealing with our favorite Time Lord from Gallifrey. Off the bat I would have to say this promotional board game is fun and something quaint to pass the time on a lazy rainy afternoon.

The game and gameplay

In the 1970s when Doctor Who was all the rage and Tom Baker’s teeth and curls dominated our television sets and our minds, Weetabix Cereal took the initiative and added Doctor Who to one of their many board game promotions.

Click here to Put Your Foot Down: submit your OWN Footprint Rating and leave comments for this game!All one had to do was collect all the boxes with the four game board pieces; Race Through Space, Travel Through Time, Discover the Lost Planet and escape from the Underworld along with the plethora of game pieces that featured our favorite aliens and monsters.

For a dice game, the play is rather simple. First a single die is required. Second, the four board game pieces link together to form the TARDIS console in the center of the game board. This is the home section for the game.Each board represents one specific game to played alone or played over all as one larger board game for four players. The first one to make back to the TARDIS console wins.

Click to search for Doctor Who board games!Click to search for Doctor Who games on Amazon UK!Along the ways, stand up action cards dictate the trials and obstacles one must face in order to survive the journey. Such perils await like Davros, the evil scientist who created the Daleks; land on his card space and you’ve become trapped and need a 3 in order to escape. Or the Cybermen prevent you from taking 2 turns in the game.

Pros and cons

The Doctor Who board game has many different obstacles to overcome. However they’re very redundant. The game itself is as I said earlier very simple.

It would be one thing to imagine yourself in the TARDIS working your way across the game board, however the TARDIS itself is a game piece. The game itself is more along the lines of a set your own rules. There is no clear defined method for playing this game. I imagine that is half the fun in itself.

It is recommended that one glue the Doctor Who board game boards to a larger wooden piece or something structurally sound. That way the game boards don’t slide all over the place.

Cutting out of the game boards was rather easy, since they took up the entire back of a Weetabix box. There was a second promotion which had been assumed was another game, but it was simply cut out character pieces which added as counters to this game. So in sense Weetabix had developed the first game expansion!

The verdict

It doesn’t matter how many loose a turns are dressed up in my favorite Whovian villains, the effect is the same. The Doctor Who Weetabix Adventure Game lacks a lot of imagination. For what it is the game itself is a genius in the way of promotional marketing! Forever this game has been burned into the minds of the adults who as young children clipped and collected the cardboard cut-out pieces. I only wish mine were in better shape.

Boardgame Beast gives the Weetabix Doctor Who board game four footprints out of five. Click here to leave comments and submit your OWN score for this game!

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