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This is a simple, yet elegant LEGO board game which bears some similarities to the much cheaper and smaller-scale LEGO Robo Champ game. But this luxury-priced board game is the Rolls-Royce of LEGO gaming!

Each player chooses a color and then takes a card of that color. The card shows a vehicle that the player must build. As players move around the board, they are instructed to take more pieces — even if another player already HAS that piece! Hilarity ensues, as players swipe each other’s parts to win the game.

With five stars across the board at Amazon, this game is a massive hit with LEGO fans. We’ve found them on eBay from a good price for a complete set — used, of course. This game has acquired a “collectible” tag and that has pushed up demand for it. If you MUST have it shrinkwrapped and “new out of the box” as a gift, then it’s going to cost you.

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