Carcassonne: Abbey and Mayor

by The Beast!

(Boardgame Beast HQ)

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Carcassonne: Abbey and Mayor

This odd expansion to the original Carcassonne game talks a lot of nonsense about Mediaeval bean trading, which explains the invention of the Bohnanza game.

However, the extra pieces and rules don’t add much to the game and the expansion has proven to be a bit unpopular with fans.

For those of you who can’t get your head around the farmers and fields aspect of Carcassonne, the ability to score points for fields during the game rather than only at the end may appeal.

The Mayor piece can be played in any city and he counts as one Meeple, plus one for any shield in that city. A nice extra rule.

Most reviewers feel that this expansion is not essential, but they love the extra tiles. One new one is a road ending in a field, which opens up the farms a lot, and a road with three branches to score more for longer roads.

To us, a game expansion must be used to be useful. If the overwhelming number of buyers don’t implement the expansions, then it’s a failure. Here at Boardgame Beast HQ, we don’t use Carcassonne: Princess and Dragon very much and we doubt whether Carcassonne: Abbey and Mayor would be any more helpful to the longevity of this fun game.

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