Carcassonne: Princess and Dragon

by The Beast!

(Boardgame Beast HQ)

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Carcassonne: Princess and Dragon

Many gamers have their opinions about the various expansions and add-ons to the original Carcassonne game. Most of those that we’ve played here have been well received, but the first grumblings of discontent were felt after adding The Princess and The Dragon to our set.

The wooden Dragon Meeple is very appealing, but the fantasy fiction-style rules don’t sit very well with what was a fairly well-grounded game design.

Dragon tiles, when placed, activate the Dragon. If there’s a volcano available on the board, the Dragon Meeple is moved there. The next player to place a dragon-symbol tile gets to move the dragon, “eating” any followers it can reach within six moves.

If the follower has a Fairy Meeple on the tile, then it is unaffected by the Dragon’s attack. Fairies also add a bonus point for every round they are beside the follower, IF anybody remembers! This gets overlooked very often.

Teleport squares allow players to claim incomplete, unoccupied features on the board. This is so powerful that it’s a bit of a deal-breaker as far as I’m concerned.

Finally, the Princess squares can be placed by any player on any city. The Princess kicks off the knight that’s currently on the city, leaving it open to takeover.

A lot of people online are saying how much they love this expansion. It’s a polarizing one. You either love it or hate it. I am in the latter camp. Hate is a bit too strong: I just find the extra rules fiddly and tedious.

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