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World of Warcraft
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Fantasy Flight Games
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Quick verdict

Once more the genius which gave us Arkham Horror has picked up the license from Blizzard Entertainment to do the world-famous World of Warcraft board game.

The game and gameplay

Now as anyone who has read any of my previous reviews will know I am a hugely avid gamer. Tackling this review was something I looked forward to.

Click here to Put Your Foot Down: submit your OWN Footprint Rating and leave comments for this game!At a glance, I love this game. It’s complex, it has really intricate pieces but not too complex and it runs smoothly. Almost as smooth as a really good connection if you were playing the online game.

To begin with, players assume the role of one of the following: paladin, shaman, priest, warlock, mage or rogue. That’s for starters! Classes continue on as… An orc, tauren, troll, gnome, dwarf, night elf or even human! But my most favorite is you can play as an undead!

This gives you eight races and 16 classes to choose from in the Warcraft boardgame. Players can even choose which faction they’re a part of. You can play from the Horde point of view or the Alliance point of view.Now back to when I said intricate pieces, I meant not a lot, or actually no, small plastic miniatures like with other fantasy role playing type board games. World of Warcraft has pieces which are not unlike other Fantasy Flight board games.

You have your character cards, a large world map in the form of board itself, energy and health points. Don’t forget the multi colored eight-sided dice. It wouldn’t be a role playing game without them.

Click to search for World of Warcraft board games on Amazon!Click to buy this item from Amazon!The game comes with three ready-to-fight overlords. The group of players choose which one they’re fighting against and thus the game is set. When the game begins, players are permitted to do two of the following actions once per turn; Travel, Rest, Challenge, Training and Town Action.

In The World of Warcraft board game, as with any half-decent RPG-based board game, comes your combat. The combat part of your turn is broken down into two segments. The first is the Attack Phase, followed by the defensive phase. The game even allows for Player versus Player combat. Hey, wouldn’t be The World of Warcraft without it!

There are two ways to win this game. One being to defeat the Overlord within 30 turns. Or the second being once the 30th turn has come to pass, the players are then grouped into their factions of Horde and Alliance and do battle with one another. The winning is the victorious one.

Expansions are beginning to appear. Fans of the computer game will not be surprised about that! The best value for your dollar is to be found by seeking WoW board games and expansions on eBay.

Pros and cons

It’s World of Warcraft… WoW… who doesn’t like it? This gives one the chance to sit down and not have to worry about connection speeds to enjoy the world and style of the game. I’ve personally found that the board game offers a nice companion to the world and affords one a chance to learn names and locations.

Unfortunately, The World of Warcraft board game not new player friendly. This means if you aren’t familiar with the computer game, don’t play this game, it is not an introduction game. Fantasy Flight made this specifically targeted at the veteran Warcraft players.

It’s……….. long. Not as long as other Fantasy Flight board games such as the acclaimed Arkham Horror; the 30th turn rule places a limit on the game.

A good average game can run anywhere from two to two and a half hours. It’s a toss-up between being fun or boring with multiple players.

Turns are either swift or you can run and make lunch well before your next turn comes about. Not to mention my own pet peeve is the weight of the game itself. Just try lifting that box with one hand.

The verdict

All in all, I like the World of Warcraft board game, my girlfriend likes this game and we have many a long games together and with friends.

Boardgame Beast gives the World of Warcraft board game three-and-a-half footprints out of five. Click here to leave comments and submit your OWN score for this game!

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