Scene It?

by Sean B Reifel

(Cumberland, RI)

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Scene It?
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Quick verdict

Scene It? is a very simple concept and that’s part of its charm. Testing your knowledge of TV shows will reveal more about you than you might care people to know! The larger the group of people playing the game the more fun you have playing.

The game and gameplay

This fun game can be played with two or more people. The game has one premise, get to the end of the board, answering movie-based questions and answering the final question at the end.

You first pick out your token from a number of movie-themed tokens. You then must roll two dice, one being the number of spaces you are to travel, and the other is to determine what kind of question you are to receive.

There are two modes in which you can play, either the long version or the short version. For the short version of playing, you must roll both dice and move the number of spaces you get and answer the question given to you.
The long version, my friend’s and my favorite way of playing, makes you roll both dice and then answer the question you are given. If you answer correctly, you can move the number of spaces you rolled. If you answered the question incorrectly, you cannot move and it is the other team’s turn.

There are a few different types of questions you can be asked based on your dice roll. The first three are from a card you have to read from. Take Three is the first of the questions in which they will ask you a question based on three related names of actors, actresses, movies, or whatnot.

Then there is Songs and Slogans, where they will ask you to name a movie based on a theme song or movie tag line. The last is Pop Culture, where they will ask you a question based on what’s going on in Hollywood.

The next two questions come from the DVD, which, in my opinion makes the game a lot more fun. The first DVD-based question is My Play, where the question asked is for your team and your team only. The questions in here go from simple questions to extremely hard questions that make you watch a scene with as close attention to detail as possible. For example, you may be asked the question, “How many people in this scene were wearing earrngs?”

The next DVD-based question is called an All Play, where any team playing is able to answer the question on the TV screen.

The last thing you can roll is called a Buzz Card, where you pick up a card located on the board and do what it tells you to do. The cards are usually very funny and get a few laughs from my friends and I.

When you get to the end, you end up at a space called For the Win. You must answer an All Play in order to win. If you don’t get it, you must move your token to the Final Cut rings. You must answer questions in Final Cut 1, 2 and 3 until you answer a question correctly.

Pros and cons

This game is one of the greatest games I have ever played and I definitely recommend this game for anyone who is a movie lover.

From Action to Comedy to Drama, this game has it all. Old movies and newer movies into the new millennium.

The verdict

Scene It? is definitely a great buy to anyone who loves to play games with a bunch of people and loves to watch movies.

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Jan 02, 2011

scene it games

by: Anonymous

can someone PLEASE make a NCIS scene it game. i love it and there is only one game with it. scene it game would really sell if people know it’s out there.i talking about the one started in 2003 not the NCIS LA

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