Quo Vadis? board game

by The Beast!

(Boardgame Beast HQ)

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Quo Vadis

Negotiation and discussion games make a fun change from the technical board game style and Quo Vadis? will be a breath of fresh air for many players.

The system is elegant yet easy to learn and is fun and satisfying. The rules are designed to accommodate clever play rather than restrict players to a beaten path. Can you strike a deal and win simply by your ability to create a deal that satisfies everybody? Continues below

Quo Vadis? is a relatively quick game, filling a gap in the market for a game that’s light on rules and heavy on freedom, yet can be completed in a small gap in your gaming schedule.

Fans of Diplomacy who never, ever seem to finish a game will love it. If you have played the Quo Vadis? board game, please leave ratings and comments by clicking the link below.

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