Quarriors Dice Game

by Gary Walts

(Montreal Board Game Meetup)

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Dice game manufacturer:
WizKids Games
Number of players:
30 mins

Quick Verdict

Love deck building games, but hate shuffling those worn out cards? Quarriors changes the rules with its many dice replacing the cards and exciting fast-paced game play. Glorious!

The game and gameplay

Quarriors is a 2-4 player dice collection game, based off of Dominion’s deck building mechanics. The dice can provide you with “Quiddity” (the game’s currency), spells, or creatures that can help you on your glorious mission of gathering glory points for the sake of being the first player to gloriously reach the glorious winning score as marked on the glorious “Glory Tracker.” Glorious!

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Each player starts with a coloured dice bag and a scoring marker for the Glory Tracker. Glorious!

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