Professional EuroGamer T-Shirt

by Tom Warin

(Salem, MA)

Professional EuroGamer T-Shirt (some setup required)! Click to buy from CafePress.Click to buy this item from CafePress!Professional EuroGamer T-Shirt

Ah, Eurogames. Les jeux de l’Europe. Die Spiele von Europa. Is there any finer feeling in the world than cracking open a box full of thick cardboard tiles and little wooden pieces?

How did this happen to us? When did our world begin to revolve around games designed by serious Europeans with names like Klaus and Andreas?

Wheat used to be something we were vaguely aware went into bread. We knew that coffee was produced in exotic locations, but we never thought we would have to worry about shipping it. A Meeple was just an obscure erotic fantasy you hoped your wife never found out about.

If the creepy, grasping tendrils of Eurogaming have crept into and grasped your brain, then you might as well relax and let go of the last of your free will. You know that you’ll never be able to turn down a game, so why deny it? Get yourself a nice Professional EuroGamer T-Shirt from CafePress so that everybody knows the score.

Who knows, if people think you’re a Professional Eurogamer, maybe they’ll start paying to be a ringer in their regular game so they can finally take that jerk Gavin down a peg or two. I mean, he might be called Gavin. I don’t know.

Eurogaming addiction is not a disease, or at least it’s not one of those gross ones that makes stuff grow out of your nose and turn green. It’s a lifestyle choice and as such, it should inform every waking moment of your life. Buying this shirt is but the latest step in a journey that will inevitably lead you to building a house that’s a perfect cube.

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